9 Surefire Tips for a More Fun-Filled Dune Buggy Ride

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Beyond the glamor and glitz that defines Dubai lies the ancient desert and, with it, plenty of adventures and opportunities to experience the old Arabian way of life.

Get a Dune Buggy Dubai rental and explore the expansive desert landscape in all its magnificence. Dune buggies are powerful and built for driving on the sand. With a reliable and well-maintained rental, you can confidently maneuver the sandy terrain and enjoy the fun of climbing and crawling over the sand dunes.

Driving a dune buggy is undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting things you can do on your desert safari. Have an even more wholesomely fun and safe experience with the following tips when planning your trip.

1. The More the Merrier

Going on a solo excursion is definitely the way to go if you want to enjoy the desert in solitude. However, you may find yourself worrying about security as you go about your activities when you are all alone. Even the knowledge that the UAE is indeed one of the safest countries globally may not be enough to alleviate your fears. Again, going at it solo may limit the range of activities you can participate in during the trip.

A group excursion, on the other hand, may be an even better idea for various reasons. For starters, the cost per head may be significantly less than if you go on a solo trip. As a group, you also have a wider range of activities, and there will always be options to fill up your itinerary.

Again, for each activity you sign up for, nothing beats sharing the fun and laughter with friends and family. It’s a great way to bond, and you will be creating memories to last a lifetime. Driving around the desert in dune buggies with your friends is something you’ll all undoubtedly remember for a long time.

2. Pack Light

A big hand carry can be an inconvenience as you get through the various activities you have planned for the day. You don’t want to have to worry about your bags falling off the dune buggy and getting lost in the sand. Pack only what you need, and you’ll not hesitate to jump onto the next adventure during your safari.

3. Protect your Electronics

As you enjoy your dune buggy tour, you’ll no doubt want to capture some memories and take some pictures on your phone or camera. Protect them from scratching and other damage by the fine sand. You also want to avoid water damage should you suffer any accidental spills.

To do this, keep the electronic devices in a tightly fitting plastic bag with an airtight seal before putting this bag into your backpack.

4. Pack the Motion Sickness Medicine

Driving over the dunes in your dune buggy can get very bumpy and, at times, somewhat uncomfortable. Many visitors find that they suffer from motion sickness, and you may not be an exception. Even if you don’t normally get motion sickness, best to be prepared and bring motion sickness medication with you on your tip.

Take the medicine before you head out on your ride, and you don’t have to worry about cutting short your adventures through the dunes because of motion sickness. You can also confidently go about the rest of the activities you have planned for the day, as you’ll not get sick after the drive. If you forget to bring the medication, ask your tour guide or your desert safari company, as the staff usually brings this medication alongside other first aid supplies.

5. Eat and Drink Light before the Drive

As highlighted, dune buggy rides can get quite bumpy, and taking motion sickness medication is only one way to ensure you have a smooth and uneventful ride. Avoid overeating or drinking too much before your drive, so you don’t feel sick or uncomfortable during the ride.

In addition to watching how much you eat and drink, check on what it is that you do eat and drink. Avoid anything that may be nauseating, such as extra spicy foods. Again, you’ll do well to have your meal a few hours before heading out so the food is well-digested before the drive, and the chances of it coming back up again is minimal.

6. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Climbing up and down a few dunes on your dune buggy rental under the hot desert sun will have you feeling dehydrated in a short while. Ensure you pack enough water and hydrate so you don’t start feeling nauseous or dizzy and can keep enjoying your drive. In addition to water, it is best to also carry an isotonic drink.

7. Dress the Part

Select appropriate clothing for your adventures to not only ensure you are comfortable throughout but also to protect your skin and maintain your wellness. By all means, go for light clothing, so you don’t have to deal with sweating through your clothes as you drive over the dunes. Loose-fitting linen and cotton clothing should be your first pick. Sandals and other types of open shoes are a perfect choice for the same reason.

Also, be sure to bring along protective headgear. Hats and caps are great, but if you are heading out to explore the desert when there are strong winds, the traditional Arabian headscarf, that is, the Keffiyeh, would be perfect. Don’t forget the sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and block out the sand from the dust storm you will no doubt create as you drive around in your dune buggy.

8. Take your Time

Dune buggy rides are an exciting group activity, and you will more than likely find yourself among a group of drivers who want to race and show off their driving skills. As fun as the racing may be, with everyone pulling off their best stunts, you may also want to enjoy a more relaxed and slow-paced drive. Take your time to do so and make your experience exactly as you’d like it.

You can also choose a time when not so many drivers are out in the desert and enjoy the tranquility that comes will less traffic. Similarly, you can also choose a route that doesn’t get as much traffic. Your tour guide should be able to share these insights with you.

Enjoy a Fun and Hassle-Free Ride

Riding or driving dune buggies is only one of the so many exciting activities to do on your Dubai desert safari. However long or short your drive may be, it can be smooth and so much fun with these great tips. Of course, one of the very first things you must ensure is that you choose the right dune buggy. Only rent a well-maintained dune buggy that has all the safety features for guaranteed safety and comfort during your drive.

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