How much time do you need for the Dubai Desert Safari?

How much time do you need for Dubai Desert Safari

The vast, golden sands of the Dubai desert beckon with the promise of adventure. A Dubai desert safari is an essential experience for any visitor, offering a thrilling escape from the city’s glitz and glamour. But with so many tour options available, a crucial question arises: how much Time do you need for this unforgettable experience?

Desert Detour offers a range of Dubai desert safari packages, catering to all preferences and time constraints. Whether you’re seeking a quick adrenaline rush or a complete desert immersion, we have the perfect adventure for you.

Understanding the Options:

Dubai desert safaris come in various flavors, each offering a unique experience and impacting the overall duration. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular choices:

  • Morning or Afternoon Safaris (4-6 hours): These are the most common desert safaris, perfect for those wanting a taste of the desert without sacrificing a whole day. They typically start in the late afternoon and last until sunset, allowing you to witness the breathtaking transformation of the desert landscape as the sun dips below the horizon. These safaris often include exciting activities like dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and a traditional barbecue dinner under the starlit sky.
  • Evening Safaris (4-6 hours): Like the morning/afternoon safaris, evening excursions focus on the desert’s enchanting nighttime ambiance. Experience the thrill of dune bashing bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun, followed by a relaxing evening at a desert camp. These safaris often include cultural activities like henna painting, traditional music performances, and stargazing under the inky black desert sky.
  • Overnight Safaris (18-24 hours): Consider an overnight safari for a truly immersive desert experience. Escape the city for a full day and night, venturing deep into the heart of the desert. These adventures often include all the activities of the shorter safaris, with the bonus of sunrise views, stargazing away from light pollution, and the chance to experience the tranquility of the desert at night. Some overnight safaris may even include additional perks like BBQ breakfast, falconry shows, or relaxing in a Bedouin majlis (tent).

Choosing Your Ideal Time Commitment:

Now that you understand the different types of safaris let’s explore how to choose the one that best suits your time constraints and interests:

  • Limited Time (4-6 hours): If you’re short on Time but still crave a desert adventure, a morning, afternoon, or evening safari is ideal. These options allow you to experience the exhilarating highlights of the desert within half a day.
  • Seeking a Balance (Overnight): An overnight safari offers the perfect balance for those who want to delve deeper into the desert’s magic without sacrificing a significant amount of Time. This allows you to experience the excitement of daytime activities and the serenity of the desert night, all within a 24-hour window.
  • Unwind and Disconnect (Multiple Days): Consider a multi-day desert adventure for a truly transformative experience. Desert Detour offers extended packages that allow you to truly disconnect from the outside world and embrace the peacefulness of the desert. These extended tours often incorporate additional activities like desert hikes, wildlife spotting, and traditional storytelling around a campfire.

Beyond the Time Commitment:

While the duration is essential, other factors should be considered when planning your Dubai desert safari. Here are some additional points to ponder:

  • Activities:  Desert Detour offers various activities to complement your chosen safari duration. Thrill-seekers can opt for dirt biking or dune buggy rentals for an extra adrenaline rush. For a more relaxed experience, consider a hot air balloon ride or a nature walk to appreciate the desert’s unique flora and fauna.
  • Seasonality: Dubai’s scorching summer temperatures can make daytime desert activities less enjoyable. For a more pleasant experience, consider cooler months between November and March.
  • Travel Style:  Desert Detour caters to all travel styles. Choose a group tour for a social experience or a private tour for a more intimate adventure.
  • Budget:  Our safaris range in price depending on the duration, inclusions, and chosen activities. We offer flexible packages to suit your budget and ensure you get the most out of your desert adventure.


The perfect Dubai desert safari experience awaits you, regardless of your available Time. Whether you have a few hours or days, Desert Detour can craft a personalized adventure that caters to your desires and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Contact us today to discuss your ideal desert escape, and let us help you plan the perfect Dubai desert safari adventure!

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